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MobileIron Bridge

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Modern desktop security and management with the granular controls you need

MobileIron Bridge allows you to use modern management techniques to solve for the right desktop use cases. Now you can enjoy low touch, agile IT operations while ensuring strong security and over-the-air management across all your modern endpoint.

Closing the EMM gap

MobileIron Bridge is the first solution to unify mobile and desktop operations for Windows 10 using a single console and communications channel so you can provision, secure, and manage Windows 10 PCs more cost-effectively and with greater agility.

  • Enforce actions from existing Powershell scripts
  • Deploy non-MSI applications through an enterprise app store
  • Define a peripheral device
  • See the software on the device
  • Edit and manage the registry
  • Manage the file system and create desktop shortcuts
  • Determine hardware connected to the device
  • Remove bloatware from the device including system apps

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