Security Technology

Data Core Systems is excited to share the outstanding outcomes of DCS SecurITy Con 2024, a leading event held from April 12 to 14, which saw the participation of 14 elite vendors in the field of cybersecurity. Under the challenging theme “Friend or Foe? AI’s Role in Cyber Safety”, the conference aimed to explore and debate the role of artificial intelligence and its impact on cyber threats.

“Even though buzzwords are not to our liking, we believe it is vital to have an open conversation about the meanings and consequences they bring. Currently, artificial intelligence dominates tech conversations, representing a major point of interest. Our conference ‘AI – Friend or Foe?’ is dedicated to exploring the profound impact artificial intelligence has on our world, with a particular focus on the field of cybersecurity. This sector, one of the pioneers in adopting AI technologies, illustrates both the positive potential and the challenges brought by artificial intelligence. We want to delve deeper into how artificial intelligence can influence other areas, sometimes with disruptive effects. We invited participants to join the dialogue, contributing to a richer understanding of this complex technological landscape,” stated Cristian Mănescu – CEO of Data Core Systems.

During the event, each of the 14 vendors delivered captivating presentations, discussing the latest trends and technologies in the field of cybersecurity. From data analysis tools to advanced defense solutions against cyber-attacks, participants had the opportunity to explore and understand how artificial intelligence can be used to strengthen cybersecurity across industries and organizations of all sizes.

The topics addressed included:

  • Using machine learning algorithms for detecting and preventing cyber-attacks.
  • Implementing AI-based security solutions to manage and protect sensitive data.
  • The role of predictive analytics in anticipating and countering future threats.

In addition to the vendors’ presentations, the event provided participants with the opportunity to interact directly with renowned experts in the fields of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The DCS SecurITy Con 2024 event reaffirmed Data Core Systems’ ongoing commitment to promoting collaboration and innovation within the cybersecurity community. With a forward-looking perspective and a focus on cutting-edge solutions, Data Core Systems remains at the forefront of the fight for a safer and more secure cyberspace for all users.