The new McAfee Is Extending Our Stride

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The new McAfee Is Extending Our Stride

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With McAfee’s spin-off from Intel completed, our focus has turned to growing the business. Our commitment to the strategy articulated more than two years ago remains unchanged. We are determined to deliver an increasingly integrated solution, to deliver on our product roadmap, and to work with both competitors and partners. We are making great progress toward those objectives.

In June, the WannaCry and Petya attacks struck, creating a firestorm of publicity and disrupting business operations around the globe. Among other things, they exposed the continued use of old and unsupported operating systems in critical areas and they laid bare the lax patch-update processes followed by some businesses. These attacks remind us that the best protection is defense in depth, including zero-day protection to not just block but quickly learn about attacks to improve responses. The lead Key Topic in this threats report analyzes WannaCry and its business impact.

McAfee Quarterly Threats Sept-2017


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