McAfee Prevent appliance re-image

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McAfee Prevent appliance re-image

Usually when a customer buys a McAfee Network DLP appliance, the product version is older than the current version available but with a simple package you can upgrade it very easy, all you need to do is download it from the McAfee site using the customer Grant number, upload it to the appliance using WinSCP and then run the installer. Easy!

Unfortunately, recently (last week) I had a bad experience with the NDLP appliances delivered for one of our customers because they came with the version 9.3.2 which can’t be upgrade to the latest version that is a major breakthrough in the McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention solution.

So I had to re-image the appliances with the new version using the console (the customer wasn’t prepared for the BMC configuration in the first time so I had to re-visit the datacenter to re-image the appliances).

So, after installing the appliances in the rack and connecting them to power/network I found out the installed version was 9.3.2 and I couldn’t do anything else but going to the office and prepare some USB sticks with the version 10.

So far so good, because I found out a KB on the McAfee site with some instructions, very vague, but better than nothing.

First of all I’ve downloade the ISO file from the McAfee site ( using a valid Grant number. The file used at this moment is this one:


Then I downloaded 2 tools for creating bootable USB sticks from the ISO file downloaded from McAfee site because I wasn’t sure which one is good for this task.

First tool is Rufus and can be downloaded from here. After you download it, just run the application and in the main windows select the ISO file you just downloaded before:

After clicking the Start button, assuming you have already inserted a USB stick, a new windows is displayed to ask what format should be used. Here, you MUST select DD mode for copying, otherwise the USB stick won’t work (it boots but when the installer tries to copy the files from the USB stick, it fails):

After the task is finished, just remove your USB stick and use it to boot the Prevent appliance and start the installer.

The second tool I used is Disk Imager; just press HERE to start the download. This is a very simple tool, with not to many options. Just select the ISO file (when browsing the files don’t forget to use the *.* filter) even if the default filter is IMG files. Don’t worry, it will open the ISO file without any problems.

Just remove the USB stick after the task is finished and use it to re-image the McAfee Prevent appliance.

So, just plug-in one of the USB sticks you created, power-on the appliance and wait till the screen where you are asked to press F6 for boot manager, press this key and then select the USB for boot and follow the instructions on screen.

The installer is very easy, just write “a” and press Enter in order to have a full fresh install. If you need to do some other tasks, then just select whatever you have to.

After the installation is done you will be prompted for the Network setup and after this is finished, for the ePO integration setup but these steps are very easy, you just need to follow the instructions.

I hope this article clarifies everything regarding the McAfee Prevent re-image process, but if anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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