Ransomware Protection Done Right!

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Ransomware Protection Done Right!

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It’s painfully clear that ransomware attacks aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, attack techniques and delivery methods have become more sophisticated, prolific, speedy and costly (think Petya and WanaCrypt0r).

Increasingly popular tactics include spear phishing campaigns tailored to a specific person or group of people using personal data, and whaling, which impersonates the email account of a CEO or other executive to infiltrate a network. These methods let ransomware move across networks and organizations at lightning speeds, causing costly downtime (and annoying headaches!) and potentially expensive damage to bottom lines and reputations.

For truly effective perimeter protection, you’ll want to leverage the security capabilities of endpoints. Get ahead – and stay ahead – of evolving ransomware attacks with Palo Alto Networks® Traps advanced endpoint protection, which stops ransomware and nullifies threats to your endpoints. With Traps, you’ll increase the safety of your network from roaming users, lateral movement and encrypted traffic.

Read the white paper to learn:

  • The newest trends and developments in ransomware
  • Why traditional antivirus comes up short in ransomware detection
  • How Traps prevents ransomware and improves your network security

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