Optimize Your Data Investments by Easily Tiering to Object Storage Today

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Optimize Your Data Investments by Easily Tiering to Object Storage Today

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In a perfect world, if you were building your storage infrastructure from a blank slate, you would first choose flash for your high-performance workloads. Next, you would select object storage for efficient and resilient long-term storage. All of your applications would be smart enough to move hot data to flash and keep less active data on object storage. In reality, almost no one gets to build their storage infrastructure from scratch, and we need to support traditional NAS along with applications that have no concept of data tiering. At the same time, a large percentage of data is cold, consuming an ever-growing footprint on expensive primary storage. The answer has always been to just add more storage.

Enter Primary Data DataSphere. DataSphere nondisruptively tiers data to meet performance and cost requirements. DataSphere intelligently promotes active data to a performance tier (flash; NetApp happens to make an excellent all-flash array) and introduces NetApp® StorageGRID® object storage as a resilient and cost-effective capacity tier.

Because I am an object storage guy, let’s focus on why moving data to StorageGRID is awesome:

  • Data management. Data written to StorageGRID is automatically protected by flexible and granular data management policies. This approach means that your data is protected by multiple replicas and or geo erasure-coded copies. If you have multiple data centers, these policies determine data placement. This approach also means that the more data you can move to StorageGRID, the less you have to back up, because data on StorageGRID is protected and resilient. One more note about flexibility: the DataSphere workload for object is capacity tier, but StorageGRID can serve many applications, including more performance-oriented workloads. StorageGRID can differentiate between applications and apply different data management rules to meet these requirements.
    • Efficiency. StorageGRID is a low-cost object storage platform in terms of not just pennies per gigabyte but also operations. From installation to expansion, administrative tasks are easily automated.
    • Peace of mind. When you write data to StorageGRID, you are using an enterprise-grade object store with over a decade of production deployments. StorageGRID is built to run nondisruptively through software and hardware upgrades.

DataSphere data virtualization moves us further toward the goal of a simple data center where hot data lives on flash and object provides efficient long-term storage without a complete rip and replace of existing NAS infrastructure or rewrite of applications. Choosing StorageGRID as the object component of this solution provides an enterprise-grade object storage solution built to handle multiple object storage workloads, getting us one step closer to a perfect storage world.

To learn more about DataSphere Intelligent Data Management and NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, download the solution brief.


Author: Steven Pruchniewski

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