Flex your Superpowers, SD-WAN for the Cloud Era

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Flex your Superpowers, SD-WAN for the Cloud Era

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Traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) rely on decades old router technology built for an era where networks were static and data needed to be sent simply between client and server. Over the years, they have struggled to keep up with the rapid pace of IT innovation and have become increasingly complex to manage.

In today’s digital world, things have continued to get more complicated.  With the explosive growth of cloud and mobile, enterprises are dealing with hybrid networks, multiple service providers and a loss of control.

Riverbed SD-WAN vs Legacy Routers

Capability Riverbed SD-WAN Legacy Routers
Simple Workflow-based Cloud GUI

simple workflow based cloud GUI

manual command line interfaceManual command-line Interface
Intelligent Path Selection

intelligent path selection

static path rules, limited bandwidth savingsStatic path rules, limited bandwidth savings
Single-click Cloud-ready Architecture

single click cloud ready architecture

3rd party dependent data center backhaul3rd Party dependent, data center backhaul
Integrated WAN Visibility& Optimization

integrated wan visibility and optimization

multiple vendors, product linesMultiple vendors, product lines
Pay-as-you-go Subscription Model

pay as you go subscription model

Huhuge upfront CAPEX and ongoing supportge upfront CAPEX and ongoing support




Increases network agility by decreasing manual configuration steps through programmability and automation.


Improves performance of applications by applying network policy intelligently based on application using multiple network paths including faster broadband connections.


Lowers costs by eliminating reliance on expensive MPLS connections to remote sites and back haul through data centers.


Source: https://www.riverbed.com/sd-wan-for-the-cloud-era.html?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sdwan

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