Expanding the Cisco Security Technology Ecosystem

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Expanding the Cisco Security Technology Ecosystem

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Today we are delighted to announce that the Cisco Security Technology Alliance (CSTA) is adding 26 technology integrations to expand its partner ecosystem to over 140 partners representing 225+ product platform integrations. Some of these integrations are with net-new partners while others are with existing partners that have integrated with yet more Cisco Security products. The rationale for this continued growth in the CSTA ecosystem is simple – there is a need for collaborative security.

Customers have a choice of various point products in the evolving security market. These disparate systems, however, can result in reduced security effectiveness – reduced time to respond to security threats, increased risk and exposure. By integrating siloed security technologies into the broader Cisco Security architecture, security practitioners can achieve faster and more accurate threat identification as well as rapid response to security threats. CSTA provides an environment for security vendors to integrate with various Cisco APIs & SDKs like Firepower eStreamer, pxGrid, REST etc. across the Cisco Security portfolio to the benefit of our mutual customer security deployments.

Enterprise security is comprised of interdependent systems; no one product can achieve absolute security.  By that same token no security solution exists in isolation. The more point security products interconnect with each other, share threat context, participate in an incident response framework, the less the risk of data breaches and security incidents. CSTA is an ecosystem where vendors integrate across a gamut of technologies – perimeter defense, intrusion prevention, advanced threat, sandboxing, cloud security and network policy, making it one of the largest security ecosystems out there. But the end goal isn’t size…it is increased security and decreased risk for our mutual customers.  This is what makes CSTA a truly collaborative ecosystem.

What’s New:

Bringing 3rd Party Threat Intelligence into Cisco Next-Gen Firewall

By ingesting threat intelligence from 3rd party threat feeds, Cisco Threat Intelligence Director (CTID) capabilities in the Cisco Firepower Next-Gen Firewall correlate threat intelligence with events in the Firepower Management Console, thereby simplifying threat investigation. CTID has 6 new integrations with AlienVaultEclecticIQInfobloxNC4ThreatConnect and ThreatQuotient.

Multi-Vendor Threat Event and Platform Management for Cisco Next-Gen Firewall

Cisco Firepower has new partner integrations to its highly-enriched threat event API, eStreamer. ExabeamLogZillaQmulos and Verodinnow utilize Firepower next-gen firewall and threat context to complement their native threat analysis capabilities. Furthermore, Cisco firewall customers can now use Firewall Platform Management solutions from TufinAlgosec and Firemon for policy and configuration management with integrations built using the new Firepower REST API.

New Cisco pxGrid and Cisco ISE Technology Partners

Five new partners—CloudPost NetworksDB NetworksSecuronixTriagingX and WireX Systems are adopting pxGrid to gain network contextual awareness and network threat response capabilities with Rapid Threat Containment. Other partners joining the ISE Ecosysteminclude EMM/MDM vendor Moysle and ISE Guest integration partner Envoy. Also ALEF NULA has integrated their set of 802.1X productivity tools with ISE to simplify secure network access deployments.

Sharing Cisco Threat Grid Threat Intelligence

New partners BluVector and WireX Systems that have adopted the Cisco Threat Grid API to obtain powerful intelligence on malware and have joined the Threat Grid ecosystem.  This integration ecosystem simplifies threat investigation for our joint customers by incorporating Threat Grid threat intelligence directly into our partners’ platforms.

More Technology Partners Under the (Cisco) Umbrella

The Cisco Umbrella & Investigate ecosystem also expands with the inclusion of partners like Digital ShadowsExabeam, and LogRhythm. These integrations not only help organizations manage, prioritize, and mitigate IOCs, but they also provide mechanisms to automate several threat lifecycle workflows, effectively improving both mean time to detect and response to threats, as well overall SOC efficacy.

New Splunk Apps and McAfee pxGrid/DXL Integrations Now Shipping

Previously announced Cisco Firepower eNcore App for Splunk and Cisco AMP for Endpoints Apps for Splunk are both now shipping. Also, our joint announcement with McAfee to create the security industry’s most impactful integration ecosystem is now shipping as well.

Perhaps we should do these announcements more often, because there is a lot to absorb here.  But we like to shine the light on our new partners because multi-vendor integration and openness is key to successful and effective security deployment.

For even more details, read through the individual partner highlights.

Happy integrating!

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Authore: Scott Pope

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