Is APM the Missing Link in YOUR DevOps Tool Chain?

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Is APM the Missing Link in YOUR DevOps Tool Chain?

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Deliver superior digital experiences with lifecycle performance insights

The DevOps movement continues to gain momentum in the digital economy, as businesses race to develop and deliver cutting-edge digital services—faster and more effectively than the competition. And while cultural and process changes are at the heart of DevOps, a variety of technologies are essential to driving success.

One critical, yet often overlooked link in the DevOps tool chain is application performance management (APM). Well known for its value in troubleshooting and resolving issues in production, many DevOps-oriented teams are now utilizing APM tools across the software development lifecycle to improve collaboration and efficiency while ensuring higher-quality releases and stronger business outcomes.

Attend this webinar hosted by Riverbed and Enterprise Management Associates to explore:

  • The latest trends surrounding DevOps and its enabling technologies
  • How APM can integrate with other DevOps tools to drive improved efficiencies
  • Key use cases for leveraging APM data across the application lifecycle


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