Evader by Forcepoint

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Evader by Forcepoint

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What is Evader?

The 2017 NSS Labs NGFW Test reveals many of the leading next generation firewalls are vulnerable to Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs) that can let exploits and malware (including aggressive ransomware attacks like WannaCry) into your network undetected.

With Evader, the world’s premier software-based testing environment for evasions, you can see how well your firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) defend against these threats by:

  • Launching controlled AET-borne attacks at network security devices
  • Interactively combining and adjusting evasions
  • Seeing the results immediately

Note: Evader is not a hacking tool or a penetration test intended to transmit arbitrary exploits. It is offered solely for testing and should not be used against any systems outside your environment.  Using AETs, Evader tests whether or not a known exploit can be delivered through security devices you specify to a target host.

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