Pay-As-You-Go Data Management for Your Data Center

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Pay-As-You-Go Data Management for Your Data Center

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The flexibility to pay for only the resources consumed is the key thing that drives many organizations to choose the cloud. Rather than requiring a large up-front capital investment for infrastructure, the cloud gives you the option to start small and pay as you grow.

NetApp recently introduced a new on-demand consumption model that offer this same benefit for resources deployed on premises. NetApp® OnDemand gives you all the value of NetApp data management solutions with the flexibility of the cloud.

NetApp OnDemand Consumption Model

NetApp OnDemand brings cloudlike flexibility to on-premises environments, converting traditional capex purchase models to flexible opex purchases. It simplifies the acquisition and management of data storage capacity, marrying NetApp on-premises infrastructure with the flexibility of a usage-based consumption model and the economic agility benefits of public cloud.

You simply pay monthly for capacity consumed. NetApp owns the infrastructure, but you manage it; you have full control over your data.

OnDemand is part of a continuum of solutions from NetApp that allow you to consume data and storage resources in the way that makes the most sense for your business needs — everything from data services in the cloud to traditional on-premises solutions.

On premises or next to the cloud.
With NetApp OnDemand, you have the option of using NetApp infrastructure deployed either on premises or colocated next to the cloud. If you choose colocation, you maintain full control of your data while gaining the ability to easily leverage compute and analytics services from leading cloud providers.

Managed services. You can also bundle OnDemand consumption with managed services from NetApp or its partners for complete data management as a service. Experts manage the infrastructure and data based on your requirements and according to NetApp best practices.

How It Works

The OnDemand program begins with a NetApp Service Design Workshop in which you work with data management experts to identify the solutions that meet your service-level objectives. NetApp or partner experts install the equipment, and you:

  • Pay for resources on a monthly basis
  • Have complete responsibility for the data
  • Perform all data management tasks, including backups, disaster recovery, and so on

If you choose to add NetApp Managed Services, NetApp or its partners take over these responsibilities on your behalf.

When Should You Consider an OpEx Model?

When planning your next IT deployment, start by assessing your requirements and then make choices based on what best fits your needs. Traditional capex purchases deliver the best value for resources deployed with long-term, predictable workloads. Leasing also remains a good choice for stable medium-term to long-term deployments when you need an opex purchase model.

If you need the flexibility of the cloud for unpredictable workloads but must maintain control of your data—either in your data center or colocated next to the cloud—take a look at NetApp OnDemand. With OnDemand, you can convert capex to opex with a pay-as-you-go model.

For deployments in the cloud, let NetApp help you choose the solution that supports your data management needs, with all the control and efficiency you expect in the data center.


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